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Thursday, August 6, 2015
5:34 PM

of course you would remember the first time you met eyes.

at that time he was no one. he was another person to fill the pores of your skin. then he talked to you with those eyes.

of course you remembered that time he said hi to you at that corridor. it was no big deal; just a hi. but not to you, who felt invisible under the sheets in your bed.

of course you would avoid the road where you two met eyes and waved at each other. of course you felt special. he made you feel like you exist. like he saw you.

he saw nothing.

of course you would be upset to know that he was not who you thought him to be.

of course you would be heavy-hearted to smile at his jokes, or the stories of him your friends tell you.

of course you would be hurt.

of course you would cry.

there is no wrong in being weak; in being human.

it's okay, it's okay.

you can live without him in your life. you don't need him. you don't need anyone to fill your life with greatness; you are the epitome of potential. you were made for lazy nights and ocean waves. and it's okay to want to have someone, but know that that won't destroy you.

it's okay, really. it's fine, you are going to be fine. of course you are.

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" You write so beautifully, the inside of your mind must be a terrifying place "
"good night ver.2" by YUEKAIRE